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Marz Lighting

Marz Media specializes in an array of lighting design techniques. Whether you are looking for a beautiful ambiance with uplighting, an exciting and dynamic look with intelligent moving lighting the subtle highlighting of pinspotting, or lighting of any other type, Marz Media has the solution for you. We also have an extensive LED luminaire collection to help do our part in staying environmentally conscious.

Lighting design means the difference between an ordinary and extraordinary event. Whether it is used to highlight or mask elements within a space, specialized lighting design transforms an event to create that surreal mood and atmosphere that makes your event memorable.

Light Wallpaper

Choose from over 100 different designs, textures and colours, or have a custom design made for your own beautiful light wallpaper. This stunning effect can give a dynamic look to any wall or ceiling, turning a plain space into a visually striking environment. Project flower petals onto the walls for a romantic feel, stars for a dance under the night sky, or leaves for a fall fiesta. Whatever you choose, the effect will leave you breathless.

Light Monograms

Personalize your space with a custom light monogram. Have Marz Media personalize your wedding with a custom made couple’s monogram. Have a corporate event? Let us project your logo and build your brand in an innovative and memorable way.

Light Columns

Add atmosphere and mood to your event with beautiful columns of light. Choose from a variety of colours, and elevate your event to the next level.

Light Washing

Planning a winter wonderland? Wash your event space with icy blue light. Thinking of a feminine, pink party? Fushia light brings a fun, girly look to a room. Coloured light can be the difference between an ordinary and an extraordinary event.

Light Animation

Turn your dance floor into an exciting and dynamic space with moving lights that can change pattern and colour, and give your event that high-end, nightclub feel.

Detail Highlighting

Why invest in gorgeous centerpieces when they’re hidden in the dark or washed out by the house lights? Preserve the ambiance of your event with specialized lighting and have pinspotting highlight key elements, like table pieces, desserts and awards.

String Lights

Add an elegant string light canopy to your lighting design in order to give your party a warm, intimate vibe. Reminiscent of a European cafe, this fixture can be incorporated in several forms and can compliment many different venues and settings.